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Delivering an outstanding employee experience is a priority at NortonLifeLock. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help employees connect with each other, build their skills, and have some fun while doing it.

Diversity is more than just Race, Gender and Ethnicity

We believe diversity is more than just race, gender and ethnicity: it’s about creating an environment where every culture, language, age, sexual orientation, disability, background, and experience is celebrated.


Inclusion Around The World

Here are a few of the things NortonLifeLock is doing to actively promote and support diversity and inclusion around the world:

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Expand bias training for recruiters, HR business partners, and people managers

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Expand and measure outreach efforts in communities of underrepresented groups

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Design inclusive and objective hiring processes

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Track diversity metrics on a more consistent basis and share progress with company leaders

Fostering Diversity With Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’S) play an important role in delivering on our diversity and inclusion strategies. ERGs help to build cultural awareness and a sense of belonging for our employees. They serve as ambassadors in the broader community, volunteering and advocating on issues. ERGs help to foster innovation and support the growth of NortonLifeLock's business.


NortonLifeLock Disability Allyship
N-ABLED works to advise, educate, outreach to, and assist the business - and individuals – on how to be equitable and inclusive to the those with a disability. N-ABLED helps with the recruitment, retention, and advancement of people with all types of disabilities - visible or invisible - helping make NortonLifeLock a place where all its employees feel included and that they belong.


Women Outreach & Development Resources
WONDER is open to all employees (of all genders) interested in helping achieve gender equity. Gender equity is achieved when all people, regardless of their sex assigned at birth, have the same access to opportunity and advancement. WONDER's mission is to support and encourage the advancement of female employees at NortonLifeLock. This work is done through building a positive work environment, supporting women to become more visible leaders, establishing mentorship networks, skill building, creating and providing access to best practices, and advising on policy or procedural upgrades that would be more inclusive.


NortonLifeLock's LGBTQIA+ & Allies Alliance
N-PRIDE is open to all employees interested in building and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, androgynous, & asexual employees (including any other identities from this community not listed here). N-PRIDE advocates globally for LGBTQIA+ equity, inclusion, and allyship, so our employees, partners, and customers feel empowered to be their most authentic selves every day.


Hispanic/Latino Outreach Leadership & Advancement
HOLA is open to all interested in increasing access to opportunity for Hispanic and Latino employees, promoting cultural awareness, and serving as a resource for employees to support its members in achieving their full potential. HOLA strives to drive awareness of Hispanic/Latino contributions and positively impact how NortonLifeLock achieves its strategic priorities and business goals - fostering an environment where people support and encourage each other to succeed professionally, personally, and in their communities.


NortonLifeLock's Black Life Empowerment
NOBLE is open to everyone interested in building and maintain an inclusive environment for black employees at NortonLifeLock. NOBLE promotes an inclusive work environment by leveraging the diverse experiences of black employees to provide innovative ideas that will increase awareness of the NortonLifeLock brand within the Black community; become thought leaders and serve as a cultural competence council providing insightful intelligence to NortonLifeLock's executive leadership team; enhancing and encouraging black employee career growth and development.


Supporting New & Aspiring Professionals
SNAP is open to employees of all ages and is focused on supporting the career development and advancement of young (early in career) professionals. Through networking, skill-building, and mentorship opportunities SNAP endeavors to leverage the creativity and innovation of our new and aspiring talent to help us build a culture where everyone feels they are included and belong - and subsequently products that everyone sees themselves reflected in.


Caregiver's Alliance for Resources, Education & Support
CARES provides a support network and resources to employees who have had to take on a caregiver role for an adult loved one. CARES grants opportunities to seek respite from the stress of the caregiving role, advocates for policies and procedures that take caregivers special considerations into account, and provides support to some of the most vulnerable in our community and those that support them.


Wisdom & Insight for Senior Employees
WISE is open to all ages and is focused on promoting the visibility and inclusion of older employees. Through networking, skill-building, and mentorship opportunities WISE supports the career development and advancement of our older employees – partnering with the business to advise on inclusive policies and best practices – making NortonLifeLock a place where everyone feels they can thrive!


Veteran and Troop Support
VETS provides support for employees who have served in the armed forces or are married/related to a past or present service member. VETS is open to everyone interested in fostering a military/veteran-friendly environment at NortonLifeLock - leveraging the unique strengths, perspectives, experience, and dedication those with military experience bring to every opportunity. VETS seeks to raise awareness within the company about our Veterans, the contributions they make, their challenges, and build up their access to opportunity and advancement.

Hear What Employees Have To Say