NortonLifeLock Product and Services Privacy Notices

Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN protects the User’s devices and safeguards the User’s data by encrypting the User’s information on any internet connection and preserving the User’s privacy.

Norton Privacy Manager

Norton Privacy Manager protects online privacy and limits your digital footprint by providing private communications, device and location services, anonymized Sudo identities, and private browsing within the app. Norton Privacy Manager also incorporates subsets of features from Norton Secure VPN and Norton Password Manager.

Norton Ultimate Help Desk

Norton Ultimate Help Desk allows the User to contact an expert to assist with technical issues ranging from network setup to device diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Norton Safe Search (Website and Browser Extension)

Norton Safe Search (website) is a search website that helps protect the User from unsafe websites by filtering search results and providing website safety ratings to the User to provide a safer web browsing experience. Norton Safe Search (browser extension) has two variants. The first variant overrides the browser’s default search engine to the Norton Safe Search website. The second variant performs the same search engine override but also combines the features of the Norton Safe Web and Norton Home Page browser extensions into a single browser extension.