NortonLifeLock Research Group

NortonLifeLock Research Group, known as Symantec Research Labs until 2019, was formed in June 2002 to secure the world's computing devices and information through novel security and privacy paradigms.

Our Mission

As NortonLifeLock's global research organization, NortonLifeLock Research Group (NRG) is focused on driving trust and safety in an online world by creating new paradigms to enable digital security and privacy. NRG (pronounced "energy") has played a leading role in exploring many cutting-edge technologies now commercialized across NortonLifeLock's many product areas. Such technologies from the group include targeted attack protection, reputation based security, industry-leading rootkit protection, cloud based security services, and some of the industry's earliest behavioral protection technologies. NRG is actively pursuing research with many partners in universities and beyond.

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Digital Privacy and the Right to be Protected

With our digital privacy at risk in unprecedented ways, there’s new urgency to find ways to safeguard people's digital life.

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NortonLifeLock Graduate Fellowship

NortonLifeLock is awarding Graduate Fellowships to outstanding Ph.D. students. A key goal of the program is to fund innovative research that has real-world value, in areas where NortonLifeLock conducts business. These areas include, but are not limited to: privacy, identity, human factors, machine learning, and security.



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